BEGINNERS ONLY - Yardwork Group Skate Lesson

$ 60.00

BEGINNERS ONLY sessions are meant for those who are fairly new to skateboarding.

  • 1st time on the board
  • At the "standing, rolling, and possibly turning" stage
  • Have a desire to skate ramps and street obstacles
  • Looking for guidance on foundational skills

Interested in skateboarding and not sure where to start?  Come and develop your Yardwork skills! Join us at the Yard for our small group skateboard lessons in a safe and nurturing environment. All lessons are facilitated by our resident YARD instructors, who are ready to impart some of the beauty that is skateboarding -- community, physical and mental challenge, self-confidence, board assembly and repair, perseverance, wellness, and much more! Lesson sessions are 90 minutes long - 30 of which are "free skate" to practice and have fun!   Attendees encouraged to bring their own safety equipment - including helmets, pads, and some stoke for the good of the crew.  Pads and skateboard available upon request.  All minors (under 18) are required to wear a helmet and pads.  Please note that the nature of learning skateboarding sometimes will require a hands-on approach by our instructor. Our instructor will be mindful of safety during these times.

All attendees are highly encouraged to bring their own, full water bottle for their lesson.  Water is available for purchase.

The YARD - Growing Skateboarding Through Community