INTERMEDIATES ONLY - Yardwork Group Skate Lesson

$ 60.00

INTERMEDIATE ONLY sessions are meant for those who have some skateboarding experience and are looking to level up.

    • Know the basics of turning, rolling, pushing, tic-tacs, etc.
    • Can do some tricks and looking to progress further

Interesting in taking your skateboarding up a notch?  Come and develop your Yardwork skills!  Join us at the Yard for our small group skateboard lessons in a safe and nurturing environment. All lessons are facilitated by our resident YARD instructors, who are ready to impart some of the beauty that is skateboarding -- community, physical and mental challenge, self-confidence, board assembly and repair, perseverance, wellness, and much more! Lesson sessions are 90 minutes long - 30 of which are "free skate" to practice and have fun!   Attendees must bring their own safety equipment - including helmets, pads, and some stoke for the good of the crew.  All minors (under 18) are required to wear a helmet and pads.  Please note that the nature of learning skateboarding sometimes will require a hands-on approach by our instructor. Our instructor will be mindful of safety during these times.


Health considerations

In order for us to provide a safe environment, we take precautions at the Yard.  We also ask all attendees and parent/guardians to take precautions as well.  

  • If you or anyone in your family is sick, has been recently exposed or exhibiting symptoms, please remain home and be well!  Please complete a home self health check.
  • Please maintain social distancing guidelines.
  • Please consider bringing your own hand sanitizer.  Use it before entering and when you exit the park.  Hand sanitizer will be available.
  • All attendees are highly encouraged to bring their own, full water bottle for their lesson.  Water is available for purchase.
  • We regularly clean the park and keep hand sanitizer available.


The YARD - Growing Skateboarding Through Community